Friday, June 19, 2009

Celebrity Wraps is starting out WITH A BANG! This company IT WORKS!! rocks!!

Hi everybody! Hope u have a great weekend! I am so excited about IT WORKS!! My first week has been a real SUCCESS! with the help of my coach and friend Becky Lebrun!! I am signing up my 5th LC- Lifetime Customer this week!! and I have sold over 3 wraps! and I am shipping another 4 wraps out to a friend today!! It is so exciting! Everything she promised me is coming true!! Plus the company is giving me a voucher for $100 in free products, and I get a bonus of wraps at a discount, it is really worth to be a distributor with the company, you are helping get healthy, and wealthy!! all at the same time! If you sign up as my LC - no minimum order, no signup fee, you get wholesale prices, all u have to do is make a minimum purchase like the fat blockers that are $20, to help me out! Plsz Pass!!

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