Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lose inches withing 45 minutes without even leaving your house!

Join Our Customer Loyalty Program to recieve wholesale pricing:

The Customer Loyalty Program is It Works’ way of rewarding loyal customers who agree to participate in our Autoship program for a minimum of three consecutive months. In return for this, you will receive wholesale pricing. It’s entirely possible with It Works! exclusive product line you may discover how life changing they can be and enjoy these products for life! You may choose to end your participation in the Autoship program anytime after your third order by contacting Customer Service and still enjoy wholesale pricing whenever you want to re-order product. There is a $50 Early Termination Fee for cancelling before fulfilling the three month minimum and you will lose your ability to order at wholesale pricing.

When you enroll in the Customer Loyalty program online you will first choose your initial order which is your first month’s order. After you fill out your online application you will come to a page that allows you to do two things. You will be able to add onto your first order on the top half of the page and you will choose what your next month’s autoship will be on the bottom half of the page. This may or may not be the same as your first product order. You will then go ahead and go through the checkout process.

Please feel free to call Customer Service if you have any questions.

Your It Works Team

Jackie Ladner

Luis Mijares is the chief It Works! and Product Development Specialist. Luis' previous work experience includes-CEO of top pharmaceutical in Mexico, teacher of phytotherapy at the university level, and as an advertising manager at a publishing firm.

Luis is currently heading the product line for It Works! Marketing. His hands on approach to developing natural skin care and nutritional products ensure strict quality standards. Luis has a direct personal interest in all of his skin care product development from his own life experiences. Luis suffered from skin cancer and he is now committed to creating products that help stop or delay the harmful environmental effects that speed the aging process.

It Works new Ultimate Body Applicator features: Site-specific non-woven cloth body wraps designed for abs, back, legs, arms and chin areas. Easy one step application, powerful formula to tighten and tone, for younger looking skin. Each box contains four applicators.

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