Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Do 7 Things to Sponsor New Consultants

If you are in network marketing, then one of your goals should be to meet new people and to sponsor new people into your business. Here are seven things you can do to begin a relationship with others:

1. Make a goal of talking to at least two new people every single day about your business. I’m not saying to “pitch your deal” to someone, I’m suggesting mentioning some aspect of your business every single day to at least two others. Maybe this will be sharing an article. Maybe this will be brainstorming on product usage. Maybe this will be asking someone if they’d like a catalog. Two people every day for a month is 60 new people you’ll have spoken to in just one month.

2. Join at least one new online or offline community and get involved. You might join a message board community online, or you might join a networking community such as Ryze or MySpace. Don’t just join, go one step further and get involved. Offline, you might join a local non profit, or you might join a local breakfast club. Again, go beyond joining and get involved.

3. Load up your purse, briefcase and car with business materials. Make sure you have business cards, catalogs and recruiting information with you, everywhere you go. You never know when someone you meet will want information or a catalog.

4. Create a newsletter. What can you write about that others will enjoy learning about? If you don’t have a website to promote this newsletter, consider using a service like Yahoo Groups. I get a few newsletters via Yahoo Groups. This is a wonderful way to meet others and share your knowledge. Thousands of people search Yahoo Groups each and every day and just might be looking for the newsletter you’re offering.

5. Make a goal of talking to five new people every single day. This is different than the above suggestion of talking to two people about business. I’m suggesting that you make a point of introducing yourself and saying hello to five new people every single day. In one month’s time that is 150 people you will have met. There’s a good chance that of those 150 people, one of them knows someone who wants what you’re offering.

6. Reconnect with old acquaintances. Write an email or make a phone call and say hello to folks you have not spoken with in a long time. Just this past week, I was in a community and recognized a woman I had known from two years ago. I sent her an email, told her how wonderful it was to see her again, caught up with her and discovered she wants what I have to offer.

7. Make a point to learn new things this month. For example, I’ve never used Twitter. It’s my goal to learn how to use Twitter this month. What have you thought about learning more about? Make it a point to learn something new this month and to implement this new learning into your business.

About the Author: Jackie Ladner is Diamond Team Leader to Mia Bella Gourmet Candles, and she is a work at home mom to Jasmine and Snoopy, her two shih tzus, married, and from the Mississippi Gulf Coast. She enjoys helping others start a candle business. You can find Jackie at or

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