Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Hi I am having a personal fundraiser for Shaena Gonzales, a lot of you know Shaena, and have added her to your YIM, I have posted Shaenas Story on my blog, for all of you to read, if it is on your heart to help her, I am doing a personal fundraiser for her from now until JULY 10TH, I am selling tickets at $1 each for a chance to win A BOX OF IT WORKS!! Ultimate Applicator Wraps for Shaena, the winning ticket will be picked on JULY 10TH, the box of wraps cost me $49, after we sell the 49th ticket, every monies after that will go to Shaena to help her cause! I hope all of u support her, I am asking that the monies be paid to my moms paypal addy at, also for anyone who goes to my website and registers, have a chance 2win also!

Here is Shaenas Story:

Hello we are the Gonzales’ a family of 11. Our family consists of a 52 year old male and his wife who is 53 with high blood pressure and high cholesterol, their son 32 and his wife 25 who have 2 children ages 6 and 4, their daughter 29 and her husband 25 who have a 9 month old, their youngest son 21 and their youngest daughter who is 19.We have always strived to help people in times of trouble but right now we are having financial problems of our own. Between the economy and trying to hold down jobs we are at a stand still. We only have 2 people working in the family and they are not making enough to pay what we have to pay. First we have to pay for 2 land payments now till we get caught up or we have a chance to lose our house, we need a new roof ours is falling apart by all the storms that we have around here and we have bad leaks because there is holes in the roof from shingles flying off, we need central air and heat because we have family members
that cannot stay in the heat either. We used to have window units but we can’t afford them because they run the electric bill up to high and we can’t afford that, but people said that central air and heat will help us out because it is cheaper and will help us out in the long run. And we started building our home in 2000 a little at a time as we got the money to do so although it’s not completely done yet so we have not been able to put in central air and heat. We have been using a large shop fan in the living room and 1 regular fan in each bedroom to stay try and stay cool although that’s not working out so well now that the children are here and we have one that the doctors keep telling us can not be in extreme heat. Any help you can provide will be an answer to our prayers. We want to say thank you and God bless you for helping us in our time of need.
Love in Christ,
The Gonzales Family

Thanks so much, Shaena Gonzales

Other items Shaena has for sale:

Shaena has a whole list of avon items for sale, I have the list if you email me, at

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